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Effective Website Design and Content, Part 2

Effective Websites in Oconomowoc Wisconsin

Written by John Demar
Published: June 1, 2008

In Part 1 of our 4-part series on effective website design, we covered making it easy for a visitor to contact you.  In Part 2, we'll discuss the impact of showing your products and services on your site.

Think of your Website as a salesperson for your business.  If operates 24/7 and provides unlimitd opportunities to show your products, market your services, and demonstrate your value proposition.  We find that many sites don't take advantage of this tremendous potential.  In two or three pages, the site says no more than "We offer widgets for sale in Oconomowoc and you should buy from us".  Great... we could have done that in a phone book listing and saved all the effort.

Think of your site as a marketing vehicle, brochure, customer service tool, and storefront all wrapped up in one great package.  For many shoppers, the Web is the first plae they look for products or services.  Photos, videos, audio clips, product tours, and detailed specifications all create a great visual impact for your visitors.  Try stuffing all that into a phone book advertisement! 

If you offer products, can your site visitors see multiple photos, download brochures, and see how they're used in real-world applications?  If you offer services, does your site demonstrate their benefits using charts and graphs or show before-and-after photos of work you've performed? 

The bottom line is this... can a visitor visualize your product in their home or workplace?  Can your show your customer why your service saves them time, money, or effort?  Armed with these images, you'll have planted the seeds of ownership in your customer's mind, paving the way toward an easier sale. 

Coming soon... part 3... a call to action!

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